Albalat de la Ribera is a village of pre-Roman origin located between the Júcar and the Albufera.

Its life is and has been linked to water, both because of its proximity to the river and because of the numerous springs and springs, which form a significant part of the Albufera. It can be said that almost half of the surface area of Albalat is included within the Albufera Natural Park.

The value of water

Over thousands of years, human populations have settled near rivers, lakes and springs to better meet their basic needs, first through hunting and gathering, and then through the development of agriculture and irrigation.

Water has been fundamental for the survival and development of agriculture, commerce and industry.

In the municipality of Albalat, we can contemplate the complex system of irrigation and drainage of the orchard and the marshland, as well as the elements of defence against the floods of the Júcar.

Albalat aims to position itself as a municipality involved in the rationalisation of water use, promoting the protection of ecosystems, turning this natural asset into an eco-social asset.

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