Fallas Albalat

In 1982 a group of married couples began to formalise the necessary procedures for the creation of a Fallas commission, according to the documents, but La ‘Pantanada de Tous'(breakage and overflowing of the tous dam) in 1982 took everything away and, of course, also the illusion and the desire to hold the festivities, so it was decided to leave the celebrations for another time.

Finally, in 1991, the Fallas festival came to Albalat in a very peculiar way, as it was the initiative of a group of people, mainly pensioners and retired people. This group created the so-called Ben-Vell Fallas commission. Everything went on until 1996, the year in which this commission came to an end.

In 2012, with great enthusiasm and desire to celebrate the traditional Valencian festival of the Fallas, a group of people had the idea of creating a new falla and this was called Campassos, referring to a part of the municipality.

Nowadays, the Falla Campassos celebrates, every late winter and early spring, the Fallas festival in the village of Albalat. The most important events are: the Crida, the Cavalcada del Ninot, and the three big days of the festival on the 17th, 18th (l’Ofrena) and 19th March (la Cremà).

Both the town of Albalat and the Falla Campassos open their doors to everyone who wants to visit them. Welcome!

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