Bonfires of Sant Antoni

In Albalat, as in many other places, Sant Antoni is celebrated. One of the first festivities of the year, in the middle of winter, in which, like other similar traditions, fire is made as a ritual of renewal and purification, to burn away bad things.

On the eve (16 January) at dusk, the tradition is to have bonfires in the streets. In former times, in many streets they were held spontaneously as a convoy of neighbourhoods and friends. Then there was a time when they were not held and now there are bonfires in the streets again. In addition, for the last few years, a procession has been made from Cabañal street to where the bonfires are made, to carry the fire that will light them, which is collected near the image of Saint Anthony that is on the façade of a house. And they also hand out the typical Saint Anthony’s coquettes.

And as tradition dictates, when throwing fire on the bonfire, you have to sing loudly: “Viva San Antonio y fuego en el demonio” (Long live Saint Anthony and fire on the devil). And then light the bonfire. Finally, the neighbourhood and friends bring out the grills and toast the meat on the fire for dinner.

The following day, the 17th, Sant Antoni, the animals

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